If there has been no activity on your home that is for sale, chances are it's because of one or all of the reasons I have listed below. If the Realtor you have hired has not gone over these guidelines, maybe it's time to reevaluate why your house is not selling.


This is the most common reason for a house not selling.  Unrealistic seller expectations can cause this even with the best of Agents guidance. A Seller that does not listen to their Realtor, are wasting both their times if your house is priced higher than the competition. The one thing you DO NOT want to do is overprice your home!


The Condition
When there are many homes in the marketplace for sale, buyers will keep looking until they find that perfect move-in ready home. If your house is the same price as the competition, but they have new kitchen/baths/carpet or hardwood floors, they will get the action. If your price is the same, but the competition has more bedrooms, more baths, or a finished basement, you are giving the buyers the advantage of seeing yours and then buying the one that they will get more for the same money. You want to make the biggest impact on any buyer viewing your home.


Showing Times

If you have limited times when a buyer can view your home, you're doing a dis-service to yourself, the buyer and the Realtor who wants to get your house sold. We know it can be difficult to show at a moments notice, but you never know when the right buyer will appear. If you can't show it because of work schedules, you may want to supply your Realtor with a key so that no appointment will be missed.  Other Agents will tend to show houses when there are not too many restrictions and they know they can gain access to easy.


Internet, Internet, Internet

That's right, if your Realtor does not market your property on the internet, you may not be getting the best marketing value. Although all listings should be on your local MLS, your Realtor should also have their own websites and other ways to promote your home on the internet. This is the best form of advertising your home for sale.


Location Is Still Key

It’s still true, as far as Real Estate is concerned ~ the best locations, top schools, and curb appeal of the neighborhood is still important. However, not every home can be Mid-Block location, or convenient to all things, and have the best of everything.  You can make your home stand out from the crowd by improving your own curb appeal, making improvements to the interior and by pricing it lower then the rivals. We recently had a listing where the backyard faced a large commerical building. By pricing it right and making some minor interior improvements, ours sold and the one across the street is still on the market. Make your house outshine the others.


Also, think about Staging your home. Your house will stand out among the competition as a Stager will showcase your home to its best advantage and this will re-force the buyers decision that your house is the right choice.


Remember, the longer an over-priced home remains on the market, the lower it's final selling price will probably be. Step into the buyers shoes and you will see that you wouldn't want to spend more money on a similar home and you can't expect others to be any different.