Being in the trenches the past several years in the down turned market has given me some insights.  First thing is that everyone needs to know, everything has a "life circle" the ups and downs.  Well, the houseing market from the first of the year to now, (the beinging of April 2012) has seen a upward trend.  It's given me the feelings of the good ol' days.  I have had so many properties that have had multiple offers submitted, need to bid over list price to get the property or not be able to wait a few days due to property that were just "sitting' going pending.  I maybe the only one out there feeling these way but the real estate market in Northern Kentucky is starting to show real signs of growth. 

This is the year to purchase if your going to purchase properties at the extra low rates we've been seeing, I wouldn't expect the rates to remain where they are another year.  On top of that if the properties start moving at a more normal rate again the seller will start adjusting the list price accordingly.  I know it sounds like a salesman thing to say but, this is the year to purchase your next house or if you have been thinking about taking the leap into investment properties I strongly suggest jump and jump now.