What is a "good' investment?  Well that all depends on what you are looking for in an investment property.  If you like earning a return without spending any time managing your investments?  Well rental properties wouldn't be a good investment for you, but you could be a source of private money for someone, to be the “money man” that funds deals for the landlord or a rehabber.  If you are interested in this type of invest opportunities please contact me.  If that’s not your style and you’re the hands on type of investor, you would need to determine how hands on you would like.  You could purchase a property rehab it yourself or be the general foreman to run a crew or subcontractor to rehab a property and “flip” it.  This can be very profitable if you know the market and cost to repair a property.  Another way to invest is to be a landlord and purchase and hold a property for cashflow.  If you purchase the property in the right areas, and for the right price these could really be a good way to build your net wealth. 

If you are interested in real estate investing in any form, contact me or a professional that knows the market in your area.  Sometimes we forget that the Saturday morning shows are just that shows.  The people out there in this market must keep their finger on the pulses or they will be losing money quick.