The real estate market is changing and the houses on the market that are "good" deals are selling for over list price.  The question is how much over list should you bid to get the property of your dreams?  As a realtor I can run comps of the surrounding home to give you the vaules of properties in that neighborhood but cannot tell you what to bid.  My advise is always the same, first we look at your finance options to see if you would need to bring cash for any overage.  Some houses like HUD Owned properties have already appraised for an FHA loan so if you bid over the list price you would need to have the cash availible to bring to closing, oh you would also need to show proof along with your initial packet also.  My next piece of advise is "offer what it's worth to you" as long as your not over what the houses is really worth go for it!

Good Luck!