Where is all the deals?  I get this question all the time.  Buyers keep asking as if the perfect house will drop out of the sky and land next to them, like the witch of the east (they the step two foot to the side) and everyone starts singing.  Well, I live in the real world.  Yes there are great deals on houses, but you need to have a good agent on your side that will help you locate them and then go after them full steam ahead. 

I've said your years deals are not found they are created.  Well, yes sometimes houses may get listed at lower than market price but if it needs a total rehab and you over spend is it a great deal.  You the buyer of real estate must know what your looking for and then work close with an agent that knows you are willing to do some of the legwork required before ever calling about a house.   Recently I listed a house in Florence, KY for $49,500 when the "normal" house in the subdivision was selling for over $100,000 so I got call after call asking about it, after a telling the normal buyer that it didn't have a kitchen, the lower level needed to be gutted, and there was standing water in the garage, well need less to say it wasn't for them.  This place is selling to a cash investor for more than list and they will make money when they go to resell.  So a great deal for on in not a great deal for all. 

So if your looking for a great deal in Northern Ky, give me a call so we can work together to determine what a great deal is for you.  I service Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Pendleton, Grant for quilified buyers and will help you sell your house throughout Kentucky.